Monday, July 19, 2010

Mid July!

Just finished a nice little book called Crow Lake by Mary Lawson.

It's an "old" book (2002), but I'm a bit behind in my reading...My three four boys (I'm counting John as one of my boys) house, full time job, grandma in nursing home, etc., etc., etc., prevent me from keeping up on my reading.

It's a somber story. Very well written. Insightful, engaging...sweet, sad, heartbreaking and inspiring all at once.

I think the actress in me always analyzes and  tries to identify with characters in plays and books I read. There were many aspects of Kate's life (Kate is the protagonist and storyteller) that I identified with -- painfully so in many ways (not so much in others). And I could see parts of her personality that I really didn't like -- because I have those personality traits, too!

The story starts with a quote that foreshadows the story: "Tomorrow is forever, and years pass in no time at all."  Maybe I just miss reading...but I couldn't put this one down.
In other news...something exciting may be on the horizon theatre-wise. Keeping my fingers crossed.